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As part of the broader effective altruism community, Effective Altruism Hong Kong (EAHK) as the leading local chapter in Asia, is dedicated to building a community of people who seek to continuously investigate what "do the most good" means, through applying evidence and careful reasoning. 


This translates into practical actions, from figuring out the most important problems to solve, effective charities to donate to, and career paths to enter to solve these problems.


We promote the ideas that: 

  1. We are in a unique position to do good, and that it is important for us to care.

  2. Through rational decision making, we can make a much bigger difference.

  3. We can, and do, enjoy being a positive force!



Winky Leong


Anthea Zeng


Andy Tao 

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Kenneth Chan


Matthew Chuang


Tony Wang


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Larry Baum

Research Officer, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU

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Cynthia Chen

Research Student,
Centre for Human Compatible AI (CHAI) 

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Yawen Duan

Research Student,
Centre for Human Compatible AI (CHAI) 


Jenny Xiao

PhD Candidate,
Columbia University 


Timothy Chan

HKU graduate


Alan Li

Research Manager,
Charity Box


Leonard Li

Philosophy Student, HKU


Yvonne Jin

Psychology Student, HKU

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