Horizon Fellowship (瞻遠學者) 2021

Testimonials from previous fellows

"Participating in the Horizon Fellowship may be the best choice that I have made in my final year as a college student. If you care about your community and the world that you live in, this fellowship provides you with the opportunities to explore, think about and engage in pressing problems worldwide that you may never be aware of. What is more inspiring is that there are always ambitious, highly supportive and engaged friends in the community, with whom you can talk about global issues and solutions to pressing problems, and share and challenge ideas altogether. This is an amazing and meaningful journey and it is really worth the time.

-- Dailin Gan, Ph.D. in Statistics at University of Notre Dame, 2021 Spring cohort

"The Horizon Fellowship experience was a pivotal experience for me. As a Finance undergraduate, I've always felt the externalities of my degree were causing more harm than good. Through the Fellowship, my perspective on cause areas, organizations, and how donating my income can and will have a significant impact. My cohort of fellows came from a diverse range of backgrounds, yet we were all value-aligned and very committed to the cause. My main takeaway from the fellowship is: I have the ability to do the most good with my career prospects, and it synergizes with my values as a human being. Definitely give this Fellowship a go."

-- Davin Singh, student at University of Malaya, 2021 Spring cohort

“Horizon Fellowship should be one of the invaluable experiences in my university life. During the last few months, I had solid and profound discussions under causes that should be solved first with excellent fellows from different areas of expertise. The whole journey reconfirms my thoughts of getting more involved in the EA community and I will continue the 'earning to give' practice.”

-- Jiali Luo, Student at The University of Hong Kong, 2021 Spring cohort

You can also read about the full passage of graduation blogs by our fellows Finn and Davin below:


Apply ASAP If You Are...

Application Process

  • Concerned about how to do good more effectively

  • Hope to find a community to discuss with and mentors to learn from

  • Convinced that careful reasoning and evidence-based analysis help us make better decisions

  • Open-minded to new concepts and self-driven to explore.

  • Applications will be open in Dec, 2021.

  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. 


  •  Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a short video interview.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at