EAHK Fellowship 2020

With limited resources, how can we do the most good?

This is the question that effective altruism is most eager to answer.


In a world full of charities and social organizations, people in the community acknowledge that good intentions do not always result in good outcomes. To foster a new generation of leaders who know how to do good more effectively, Effective Altruism Hong Kong (EAHK) launched the EAHK fellowship.

Join us in the first Effective Altruism Fellowship Program in Asia!


In this semester-long program, you will engage in rigorous intellectual discussions on how to effectively create social impact.

You will learn about:

- what are the most pressing problems to address?

- which careers to choose to have a bigger impact on the world?

- how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the fate of humanity?

- what measures can most efficiently solve global health issues?

...and much more!  

What Does the Fellowship Offer?

  • Immersive workshops featuring essential readings, interactive discussions and purpose-driven research.

  • Potential joint sessions with world-renowned universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford.

  • Exclusive meals with guest speakers from diverse backgrounds (Brian Tse, Larry Baum, Vincent Chow).

  • Opportunity to one-on-one career coaching by members EA global community.

  • Rewarding graduation ceremony with your own knowledge output.

  • Opportunities to be further considered for the Tianxia Fellowship a program run by a sister organization in our network, aiming at cultivating leadership for macro strategy-driven projects. 


See our syllabus from last fellowship session for more information!

Testimonials from previous fellows

"We come up with questions including how to distribute limited resources, what issues we should study, what causes we should put resources in and solve first.

-- Doris Wang, HKU Bachelor of Arts, Year 2

"One of the career options in effective altruism is earning to give, which is to donate the money to effective organizations. Nevertheless, the money disappears on the day of donation. Is there another option in which we can generate social impact in the cause areas with financial returns? Impact investing seems like one of the answers."

-- Steven Chen, CUHK Bachelor of Social sciences, Year 2

"The deeper I dive into the EA community, the more I am assured that there are people out there that share similar concerns and are trying to solve the problem by applying EA principles and solve new, promising cause areas. There is lots of work to be done to make it a valid cause area, especially regarding evidence evaluation. In combining the EA principle with my career plan, this is the area that I am capable of contributing. "

-- Yvonne Jin, HKU Bachelor of Science, Year 2

You can also read about the full passage of graduation blogs by our newly appointed executive member Leonard and Winky below:

Apply ASAP If You Are...

Application Process

  • Curious about effective altruism principles

  • Determined to improve the world and do the most good

  • convinced that careful reasoning and evidence-based analysis help us make better decisions

  • Open-minded to new concepts and self-driven to explore.

  • Equipped with a basic understanding of Effective Altruism Concepts (preferred).

  • The application for spring 2020 has closed. 

  • Stay connected to learn about future Fellowship sessions!

If you have any questions about the program or uncertainty about applying, feel free to contact us via ea.hkchapter@gmail.com.

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