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We'll update projects and career opportunities here from time to time, so keep an eye out! 

Current projects

Generocity, Hong Kong

Generocity is a group that advocates increased official development assistance (ODA) from Hong Kong to the rest of the world. They are recruiting for committee members & volunteers. If you're interested, please contact Larry (

Forecasting Research Project

Tony worked on a forecasting research project under the Tianxia Mentorship Program. A short version of the research report is available here, while the complete version is available here (access required). If you have any questions, interesting thoughts about the work and are willing to discuss about the work, feel free to reach out to Tony (

Career Opportunities  

You will spend about 80,000 hours working in your career over the course of your life - it's one of the greatest ways you can make an impact. 

  • EA Training Board, where you can find some fellowships, reading groups, volunteer opportunities, and online courses to take.

  • Effective Thesis provides free mentoring and guidance for students from Undergraduate to PhD level, who are working on a thesis of any kind. 

  • 80000 Hours job board lists many high-impact roles, especially those at EA organizations; you can filter the opportunities for specific areas, role types, and locations. 

  • EA internships board lists high-impact opportunities for undergraduates.

  • Good Food Institute's Alt Protein career centre lists some high-impact job opportunities in the alternative proteins ecosystem.

Last updated: May 2022