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Executive Board

Andy Tao

Currently organizing the EA Hong Kong chapter, Andy was drawn to EA out of curiosity to optimize the way people do good. Community building is what he enjoys: he co-founded the first EA Fellowship Program in Asia and collaborated with international chapters in four continents. As a Tianxia Fellow, he advised the Chinese translation of The Precipice by Toby Ord on the future of humanity.

Andy is a final year undergraduate majoring in Decision Analytics at the University of Hong Kong. He will join Bloomberg as a Market Data Analyst after graduation. Previously, Andy was a Laidlaw Scholar conducting data-driven research, a Meritorious Winner in the Interdisciplinary Contest of Modelling, and a senior tutor teaching Science freshmen quantitative techniques. He also studied at UC Berkeley & University of Toronto.

Anthea grew up in Xiamen, Fujian, and is currently a penultimate student in HKU majoring in economics and finance. This summer, she will be joining J.P Morgan Chase as a summer analyst in the asset & wealth management department. She learned about Effective Altruism during her freshman year and decided to make the world a better place by adopting EA methodologies. After becoming a core team member of EAHK, Anthea has developed interests in extreme poverty, global priorities research, and international cooperation. For the year 2019-2020, she actively participated in organizing monthly meetups and the first EA fellowship in Asia. This year, she continues to serve as one of the organizers for EAHK and looks forward to interacting with more people who identify with EA principles. 

Anthea Zeng

Yvonne is a penultimate year statistics and psychology student at HKU. Her interest lies at the intersection of data analysis and social science. She has participated in the EAHK fellowship as well as the EA Oxford Introduction Fellowship. Influenced by EA principles, She is now diving deeper into data-driven policymaking by studying how to make informed decisions that can effectively benefit society. She especially cares about mental health issues in low income and developmental settings. She was admitted to the 2020 Globalink research internship at Mcgill University, studied short-term at the University of Chicago as well as the University of Pennsylvania. She loves to spend her spare time watching old movies, hiking and explore photography.

Yvonne Jin

Leonard is a third-year student at HKU, majoring in philosophy. He also studied short-term at UC Berkeley, Peking University and Nanjing University. Leonard is currently working part-time as a researcher on cause prioritization for Charity Box, an EA-aligned charity evaluator in mainland China. He joined EAHK Fellowship and EA Oxford In-Depth Fellowship before becoming a member of EAHK executive team. He is keen about approaching EA-related questions from a philosophical perspective, and is interested in a range of such topics including meta-questions with EA, moral progress, animal welfare, and AI ethics/policy. He hopes to learn more and think deeper about EA in the future while being conscious of its limitations.

Leonard Li

Born and raised in Malaysia, Winky is a sophomore double majoring in FinTech and Urban Governance at HKU. Upon joining the inaugural EAHK Fellowship, Winky wishes to explore deeper into longermism and animal welfare, while being open-minded to different EA concepts. She is keen to explore FinTech as a force for good in climate-related issues and inclusive societies. Upon completing her freshman year, Winky joined Mellow - an award-winning FinTech startup as a summer intern, and co-founded HKU’s FinTech Student Association. Winky also co-founded the Global FinTech Network (GFTN) and is a host for the FinTech: Byte-Sized podcast series. In her spare time, Winky loves spending time outdoors and exploring nature.

Winky Leong

Advisory Board

Cynthia is currently a research intern at Prof. Stuart Russell's group at UC Berkeley working on AI's efficient learning of human preferences. She is deeply passionate about developing AI systems that are beneficial to society and align with human values. Cynthia is among the Organizing Committee of SafeAI workshops at top AI conferences, where she helps with growing the AI alignment research field. Prior to this, she spent her undergrad years at Stanford University, Columbia University, and The University of Hong Kong. Cynthia has been involved in the EAHK community for the past four years and deeply cares about global poverty and climate change. Besides her care for the world, she loves playing the piano and hosted her first personal concert at the age of 15. You can find out more about Cynthia at her website.

Cynthia Chen

Yawen Duan

Yawen has engaged in Effective Altruism for three years. He currently focuses on technical AI safety research. Driven by his vision to steer the Chinese AI research towards safety-aligned impacts, he contributed to the Chinese translation of Human Compatible. Currently, Yawen serves as a technical advisory panelist in a group advising Google DeepMind, OpenAI, Baidu, etc. His work relating to the Chinese AI safety landscape has been presented to the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI), UC Berkeley, and Future of Humanity Institute (FHI), Oxford University. 

Previously, Yawen has studied statistics and data science at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). He has conducted research at Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab and Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has published one academic paper at the European Conference of Computer Vision (ECCV) 2020.

Jenny is a PhD student in political science at Columbia University and a former member of the EAHK executive team. Her main EA interests lie at the intersections of international relations, AI governance, and global catastrophic risks (GCRs). She is a summer fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, where she conducts research on international cooperation against GCRs. Jenny was previously a Tianxia Fellow, an author of 80,000 Hours’ new China specialist guide, and a regular contributor to Intellisia Institute’s AI Insights Weekly report. She received her BA (first-class honors) at HKU and participated in exchange programs at the University of Chicago, Cambridge University, and Peking University. As an undergraduate, she was a Rhodes Scholarship finalist and winner of the Social Science Research Council’s (SSRC) 2019 Blog Post Contest.

Jenny Xiao

Vanessa is a senior studying psychology at HKU. After four years of volunteer service in China and Cambodia, Vanessa realized the limited impact of traditional charity organizations. She learned about EA during her exchange at Columbia University and was fascinated by its principle of doing good more effectively. She joined EAHK in 2019 and is mostly interested in international relations, global poverty, effectiveness of NGOs, mental health, and AI Safety. Vanessa has conducted field research on Belt and Road Initiative in Myanmar and will join McKinsey & Company Shanghai Office in 2021. Her long-term goal is to use her expertise in business and social sciences to yield a unique solution on social problems. In her spare time, Vanessa likes playing lacrosse.

Vanessa Zeng